Secrets of Natural Walking

Secrets of Natural Walking Workshop (SONW)

Yes, with relaxing of restrictions is looks like we can start to run these workshops face to face whilst also adhering to the government physical distancing guidelines which is great news.

Secrets of Natural Walking® is not just about style, improper walking may create problems for your physical body and health. We already know walking is good for us but by correcting the way we walk, we significantly reduce the wear and tear of our body, and start benefiting from activating our natural healing abilities again. All the benefits related to thoughts, emotions and heart can be felt immediately.

This one day workshop will teach you how to walk properly using the 6 keys from SONW.  Full price $160, Conc 25% less, Repeat fee $90.
For further information on this workshop and its extraordinary benefits, visit the Natural Way of Living website


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Walking Centre Sessions

Contact us for information on monthly passes to join Walking Centre session in Hobart, Singapore or Perth.  All sessions are on Zoom and are available to those who have done the SONW workshop.