Free Usui Reiki Attunement

Free Monthly Reiki Usui Attunement

The first Monday of every month, at 8:30pm, a free Reiki Usui Attunement is offered.  The attunement will open and cleanse your crown chakra, ajna chakra, throat chakra, heart chakra and palm chakras. You will be able to channel reiki energy to yourself and to others. In addition to this, the attunement will help your heart to open more.

The attunement itself is 15 minutes and we follow it up with some time spent channeling the Reiki energy.

We recommend that you join the Open Heart Meditation that precedes the attunement at 7:30pm so your heart is “warmed up” properly.

Once you have had an attunement you are invited to join our special 6pm Thursday sessions where we continue to enjoy channeling for ourselves and others.

First Monday of the month 7:30pm with Sharon: *Starts with Open heart Meditation, before the reiki attunement*

Reiki Practice sessions

*Thursday  6pm (Workshop Practice session, for those who have received the attunement) with Wirya/Russell. Contact Sharon on 0437 396 014 for the zoom link and more information.

*Saturday Reiki Clinic 2:30pm with Rachel/Jonno/Armine/Lisa