Free Usui Reiki Attunement

Free Monthly Reiki Usui Attunement

Come and join us on Zoom for a Reiki Usui Attunement the first of every month at 6:30pm AEST. Each session will include a beautiful heart preparation, attunement and short channelling session to experience Reiki energy first hand. All led by our team of experienced facilitators. Sure to be a beautiful evening. Click the link to join:

This is available to anyone across the globe too.

You do not need to register in advance to receive this mass attunement. Just be ready during the schedule.

Please understand that this free attunement is not Reiki Tummo attunement, it is Usui Reiki Level 1 attunement. In term of the attunement results, it is not the same as Reiki Tummo attunement because the Usui Reiki attunements will only open upper half of your main energy channel/sushumna (from crown chakra to heart chakra) while Reiki Tummo attunements will open the whole sushumna from crown chakra up to base chakra. However, this free Usui Reiki Level 1 attunement is given remotely by Mr. Irmansyah Effendi by means of Reiki Tummo attunement techniques, so the result is somehow better than traditional Usui Reiki attunement results.

For more detail information about the difference between Usui Reiki and Reiki Tummo attunement results please check

For more detail information about Reiki Tummo You can also buy Reiki Tummo book (“REIKI TUMMO: An Effective Technique For Health and Happiness” is written by the founder and Grandmaster of Reiki Tummo, Irmansyah Effendi, MSc.) at (ISBN: 979-98529-0-0)

Since it is given by means of Reiki Tummo attunement technique, the result is very good for cleansing your crown chakra, heart chakra as well as palm chakras and energy channels. All alumni of Reiki Tummo workshops from Padmacahaya or Padmajaya are entitled to join and receive this free mass attunement as Reiki Tummo Level 1 attunement (because you already received one before).

This free mass attunement is also actually given as our social service for those who can not afford Reiki workshop fee but willing to use Reiki channeling ability to help him/her self and others.

Please read the instruction below on DISTANT ATTUNEMENT PREPARATION. Also since the main benefit of the attunement is to help your heart get better connection to Divine Love and Light so your heart can be opened and cleansed better by Divine Love and Light then we suggest you to also do OPEN HEART PRAYER/MEDITATION daily before and after the attunement. Please read more information below.

May you enjoy and get benefit from this mass attunement.

Much Love and Light for your beautiful hearts, 🙂
Note: No need to register in advance, just be ready during the attunement.


1.      You do not need to register to receive this free mass attunement of Usui Reiki Level 1. Just prepare your self at the day of the attunement (1st of each month)
2.      No need to adjust your local time any longer. The attunement has been programmed to be received every 1st of each month at 6.30 PM YOUR OWN LOCAL TIME, where ever you are, for 15 minutes duration.
3.      Please study how to do Self Healing/Treatment with Reiki. You can find this in some web pages or in some Reiki books. You do need to do self healing right away after the attunement is finished to make good use of the attunement energy flow that is still working on you even though the attunement is over already. Please see Note below for suggested hand positions during self healing.
4.      On the attunement day, try to get a room where you will not be disturbed. The attunement will take about 15 minutes. It is best to have a room in which the light is not too bright. If possible, have new age music and incense or aroma therapy ready. Dim light and music will help you to get relaxed easily. The incense or aroma therapy will be needed to neutralize the negative energy that will come out of you during the attunement. Remember the attunement is also a cleansing process.
5.      About 30 minutes before the attunement, it is good to start doing simple and light exercises that move most parts of your body, but don’t make yourself exhausted. Simply do exercise for about 30-60 seconds for each part of the body. This will help energy flow even better in your physical body layer.
6.      Since the attunement will help opening your heart connection to Divine energy, then for better result, we suggest you to do Open Heart Prayer/Meditation after doing simple exercises. That can be done about 15 minutes before the attunement. Please read more information on Open Heart Prayer/Meditation below.
7.      After the simple exercises and Open Heart Prayer, get relaxed, dim the light, and turn the music on. Light incense before the attunement starts. Sit on a chair; try to keep your spine straight without forcing it. Make sure that your legs are not crossed and it is better if both feet are grounded. Put both of your hands on your thighs with your palms facing upwards. Please don’t fall asleep during the attunement! 🙂
8.      During the attunement, simply relax. Do not make any effort to concentrate. Do not practice any breathing technique. Try to be as still as possible and enjoy whatever happens. It is a good practice to always relaxed, smile at your heart and surrender to Divine Source of Love and Light during the attunement. Also be willing to open your heart to Divine Source to receive more Divine Love and Light during the attunement. It is all done by intention only and then relaxed, smile and enjoy the attunement process. DO NOT EXPECT anything to happen since this will make you are not relaxed anymore 🙂
9.      After the attunement, do a complete self-healing directly. Take your time and do it properly and enjoy with smile and happy feeling from your heart all the time.
10.     After self-healing, try to do the same simple exercises you did before the attunement to help your physical body absorb Reiki energy better.
11.     Keep on doing self healing for at least 21 days. It is best to do it every day even after you pass the 21-days period to maintain your health and improve your energy. Also, since the main benefit of channeling Reiki energy is to open and cleanse our heart, then it is always better to do Open Heart Prayer also every day to cleanse and keep our heart open better for Divine Love and Light.

1)      Suggested hand positions for channeling Reiki energy during Self Healing are (3 minutes per position sequentially):
FRONT OF THE BODY: Forehead/face, Cheeks, Throat, Upper chest, Lower chest, Stomach, Thighs, Knees, and Ankles
BACK OF THE BODY: Back of the head, Nape of the neck, Upper back, Lower back/waist, Buttocks, Back of thighs, Calves and Soles of the feet
2)      More detail and complete techniques about doing healing and other Reiki techniques will be taught in Reiki Tummo workshops. Visit or for more information.
3)      Please feel free to share your experiences after the attunement and doing Self Healing for 21 days and Open Heart Meditation every day.

(By Irmansyah Effendi)

Each time we have negative emotion, we leave / deposit negativities within our heart. How many time a day we have negative emotions, even though we do not show them.  To cleanse the heart further (bigger and deeper), the best way is to ask for blessing from the True Source of Love and Light.

Before you start this meditation, you may need to write down the name of the people you don’t like (you need to forgive), and for what you need to ask for forgiveness. You can replace the terminology “True Source” with any other terminology which you are more comfortable with / can relate better to.

a.      Since the most important benefit of Reiki attunement for our heart is to open and connecting our heart better to Divine Love and Light to cleanse our heart further, so for better results of Reiki attunement on your self and heart, it is suggested to do this Open Heart Prayer prior to receiving the attunement (say starting 2 weeks daily before the attunement) and every day after the attunement.

The follow time may commence on Zoom TBA:
(The first Monday of every month, at 8:30pm, a free Reiki Usui Attunement is offered.  The attunement will open and cleanse your crown chakra, ajna chakra, throat chakra, heart chakra and palm chakras. You will be able to channel reiki energy to yourself and to others. In addition to this, the attunement will help your heart to open more.

The attunement itself is 15 minutes and we follow it up with some time spent channeling the Reiki energy.