Padmacahaya Melbourne, is based in Melbourne, Australia and has been running since the year 2000.  We host weekly Open Heart Meditations in various locations in Melbourne and Victoria, as well as run regular Open Heart Workshops and Reiki Tummo workshops. Our weekly Open Heart Meditation sessions are in Thornbury, Black Rock, Carlton, Upwey and Yarra Junction. All are welcome 

We invite people from all life pathways to join a beautiful guided meditation process through which we can feel the Love and Light pour into our spiritual heart so that it can cleanse, open and strengthen.

As you experience Opening your Heart, you will also feel the Love radiating freely from your Heart, making wonderful changes for your physical body as well as your surrounding environment.

The Open Heart Meditation™ program was developed by Irmansyah Effendi, M.Sc. A foremost guide on the spiritual heart, Irmansyah has been teaching students about their hearts for two decades—authoring bestselling books on meditation and spirituality, and helping thousands of people discover the tranquility and everlasting joy from the True Source of Love and Light within each of us.

The Open Heart program is practiced around the world and has helped tens of thousands of people to live more peaceful, healthier and happier lives.