Healing prayers for the world – daily online


9.30pm Daily Melbourne time. All welcome ❤

In helping others to stay healthy and maintain their immune system especially in this challenging time, Natural Way of Living is hosting HEALTH PRAYERS FOR THE WORLD. This online session has been conducted daily in Indonesian since early July 2021 and the attendance reaches more than 500 people per session.

We are now extending the invitation to international alumni by providing English translation for the very first time starting on August 2nd 2021 via Zoom at 6:30-7:30 PM Jakarta Time. Join Zoom Meeting : https://bit.ly/Healing_Prayer_RT_NEWMeeting ID :867 1269 6618Passcode :082021

Everyone is welcome as a RECEIVER and/or HEALER. AS RECEIVEREveryone is eligible without prerequisites. AS HEALER (and RECEIVER)To be able to channel Reiki Tummo to others, you are required to receive Reiki Tummo attunement.

Attunement can be received by:Joining Reiki Tummo workshop (if you have attended Reiki Tummo workshop by Natural Way of Living, you have received your attunement), OR Watching FREE online class to get free attunement: https://bit.ly/Self_Healing_RT

VACCINATION If you are about to receive your vaccination, we suggest you do self-healing daily for 2 weeks prior to your first vaccination and continue self-healing daily until 2 weeks after your second vaccination. This will help your health and body immune system immensely. Please share this wonderful news to your family, friends and loved ones.

See you soon!

Thank you,

Natural Way of Living

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