2019 WORKSHOP dates



Open Heart Meditation workshop dates

Open Heart Meditation Level 3 – June 15, 2019. Upper Ferntree Gully

Open Heart Meditation Level 4 – June 16th, 2019. UpperFerntree Gully

Open Heart Meditation Level 5 – July 13th, 2019. Venue TBA

Open Heart Meditation Level 6 – July 14th, 2019. Venue TBA


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Looking forward to seeing you at a workshop soon 🙂


  1. Hello, my name is Beverley and I met Irman and Vincent in Tasmania in 2007… I would like to refresh and would like to ask if you do workshops in Tasmania.?
    My son and daughter live in Melbourne so I visit as often as I can … I look forward to hearing from you .. thank you 🙏 Beverley

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    • Hi Beverley, Wonderful that yo have done the workshops with Vincent and Irman and would like to refresh. There are regular workshops in Tasmania (usually in Hobart, Penguin and Launceston). A good place to look up dates is at https://www.lotuscentre.org/ Kent, Amanda or Klaus should be able to help you with dates and locations. Alternatively, come and join us when you are in Melbourne 🙂 Would you like me to add you to our mailing list? Hope that you can refresh at a workshop soon, All the best, Narelle 🙂


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