2022 Dates for Open Heart Meditation workshops, Reiki Tummo workshops and Secrets of Natural Walking workshops are here

Since COVID-19 our workshops have been offered online. We are planning to offer some face to face workshops  in addition to the online ones in early 2022

Looking forward to seeing you at a workshop soon 🙂


  1. Hello, my name is Beverley and I met Irman and Vincent in Tasmania in 2007… I would like to refresh and would like to ask if you do workshops in Tasmania.?
    My son and daughter live in Melbourne so I visit as often as I can … I look forward to hearing from you .. thank you 🙏 Beverley

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    • Hi Beverley, Wonderful that yo have done the workshops with Vincent and Irman and would like to refresh. There are regular workshops in Tasmania (usually in Hobart, Penguin and Launceston). A good place to look up dates is at https://www.lotuscentre.org/ Kent, Amanda or Klaus should be able to help you with dates and locations. Alternatively, come and join us when you are in Melbourne 🙂 Would you like me to add you to our mailing list? Hope that you can refresh at a workshop soon, All the best, Narelle 🙂


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